CSR---LOGOFounded in 2005, ETRELUXE has been specializing in the design and handling of luxury fittings, furnishing and accent elements for all areas of home, hospitality and contract industries.  ETRELUXE deals with complex activity of contracting furnishing projects for the niche luxury market, providing an exclusive collection of design elements for every area of the house (furniture, kitchens, railings, bathrooms, living rooms bedrooms, swimming pools, etc) on a turnkey basis.

19th Dec 2015

Umeed Christmas Carnival – Hand in Hand with ETRELUXE.

We invited participation and support in encouraging the students of Umeed foundation and helping a social cause. The event was another fantastic success. Take a look at the fun the kids and their parents had with these pics.

For the second year now, Umeed Foundation, the NGO concern of ETRELUXE organised a Christmas Carnival to raise funds to support education for young children with difficulties. Last year, by the way, was a roaring success too!

Umeed Welfare Foundation is a Non-profit concern with a vision of reaching out to children in our society who are differently-abled, as well as to their families. Umeed is a registered society that provides services for children and young adults with developmental difficulties. The philosophy behind its work is based on the application of well established teaching methodologies and therapies. Umeed runs a school in Gurgaon with a strong student strength and very advanced teaching methodologies. The foundation seeks to build a society that cares equally for the needs and growth of each special child by admitting special children from all sections of society regardless of caste, creed, race, religion, economic and gender barriers.

The participation at the Umeed Christmas Carnival helps us in this endeavor and in encouraging the students who handmake lovely candles and other Christmas articles which are sold at the Umeed Stall.

19th Dec it is and the fun begins at 11am onwards.

VENUE: Malibu Country Club, Malibu Towne, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

15th Sept. 2015

Talk on “Changing Trends in Design Preferences” at ETRELUXE Showroom, GKII, New Delhi in association with Surfaces Reporter Magazine, Bronces Mestre (Spain) and Interior and Design students from GD Goenka University, Sohna Road.

A special effort initiated by ETRELUXE with the intent to provide motivation to the young minds and discuss ideas and trends of today – all with the purpose of providing practical information and to prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow.  The event designed as an educational programme sparked keen interest in the students who had the opportunity to interact with experts from the field of Design and Interiors.

Besides a detailed showroom tour the students had the opportunity to interact with the GM from brand Bronces Mestre, Spain, Mr. Ignacio Planell and Ms. Vertica Dvivedi, CEO & Editor, Surfaces Reporter Magazine and Mr. Dilip Rathi, Managing Partner, ETRELUXE who presented their thoughts on contemporary design and how baroque and classical themes are making a come-back today in contemporary design styles.

The topic saw a lot of queries from the students and also made the session very interactive.

10th Sept. 2015

Discussion on the evolving design tastes. The event was organized for GD Goenka University, Sohna Road for the students of Architecture.  This was a special effort initiated by ETRELUXE with the purpose of enriching the minds of young architects.  The event designed as an educational programme had all important elements of – education, initiation into the world of luxury and a wide scope for discussion and interaction.

At the beginning, we started with a short presentation talking about the trends in luxury and interior products in India, then moved on to where ETRELUXE fits in with an interesting and interactive session on some of the unique products with us.  The session also discussed briefly on the top international designers and architects we have associations with through our partner brands.  Next, the students were taken around on a showroom tour where experts from our organisation spent time patiently explaining the usage, USP’s and the various features of the products displayed.  Touching and feeling the products, understanding how they are installed and the materials used in them was informative for the students.  We ended the afternoon with a panel discussion with Architects Ms. Amritha Ballal, Principal Partner, Space Matters and Ms. Taru Rawat, Architect, Ultraconfidentiel Architects who were present on the occasion for a panel discussion and to address the queries that the students had on the evolution of architecture.

We had a brilliant feedback from the students and the university.


21, Feb, 2015 – Team Etreluxe, strongly supports social cause and works towards the betterment of the society.

As part of our efforts to make our city greener, Team ETRELUXE reached Gurgaon to plant trees and flowering plants in a park meant for young children.  One of the most challenging tasks for parents today is to find a clean park for children to play in.  This is what we hoped to achieve with this effort – giving kids a clean and ‘green’ space to play.

We also cleaned up the area around the park and made sure that the plants will be taken care of.


Christmas of 2014, saw a start of our CSR efforts with ETRELUXE organizing and supporting a Christmas Carnival at ‘Umeed Foundation’, Gurgaon – the CSR arm of Etreluxe and an organisation that ‘Celebrates Differences’.

Umeed seeks to work towards a society that views each person as being of value and importance and to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities and their families. Umeed provides quality intervention for these children while also promoting increased societal awareness and sensitivity towards their needs. The Umeed Foundation School seeks to build a society that cares equally for the needs and growth of each special child by admitting special children from all sections of society regardless of caste, creed, race, religion, economic and gender barriers.

We plan to ensure we are a part of many more such activities every month and look forward to your support.